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One of the primary goals of Cell-nique is to help you to improve health through organic nutrition and to assist in raising consciousness by raising the cellular vibration. We believe that connecting and sharing resources with people and businesses that share the values of global unity, sustainability, organic living, self-empowerment and equality of all beings is a great way to create community. The following is a list of friends and supporters of Cell-nique’s products and values:

Amrit Davaa World Health

Manjushree Orphanage

Direct Relief

Feed the Children



We at Cell-nique believe that the Yoga For Youth foundation is affecting profound transformation and far-reaching changes in the lives of at risk youths through the teachings of Yoga. Krishna Kaur, founder of Yoga For Youth, and her certified instructors, have brought the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga into schools, shelters, juvenile detention centers, prisons, and foster care facilities. They are teaching at risk youth how yoga can help to release tension, pain, and anxiety as well as give them tools to deal with anger, create self-awareness, inspire creativity and relax the mind and body.

Children born into lives of poverty, abusive homes, exposure to drugs, gangs, and crime, are from a young age fully consumed with survival in the world and the need to protect themselves. Depression, anger, anxiety, and low self-esteem build early and provide a shaky foundation for young adulthood. Kundalini Yoga gives them tools to create peace and relaxation for themselves through meditation, postures, visualizations and community connection. For a child whose external world is in chaos, Yoga can help them connect with their own spirit and tap into their internal resources to create a new vision for their lives.

For more information, please visit their web site:
Y.O.G.A. for Youth: helping our children
Every day… 2,833 children drop out of school
Every day… 135,000 children carry a gun to school
Every year… $7 billion are spent to incarcerate young offenders
Every year… school dropouts cost taxpayers $71 billion
With youth accounting for 18 percent of all violent crime in the U.S.
As well as 33 percent of all serious property crime.

In a national study generated by the National Endowment for the Arts, three cities (San Antonio, TX, Atlanta GA, and Portland, OR) have rigorously evaluated their arts programs for at-risk youth and found that these programs decrease involvement in delinquent behavior, increase academic achievement and improve youth’s attitudes about themselves and their future.

National studies also show repeatedly that a regular practice of Yoga and Meditation reduces hypertension, lowers blood pressure, and releases endorphins in the brain that heighten a sense of calmness and produce feelings of well being.

Y.O.G.A. stands for Your Own Greatness Affirmed. Please visit the web site: for more information and to see how you can help support Yoga For Youth















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