Natural Energy

Fueling Your Workouts With Cell-nique


Whether it’s biking, a triatholon, yoga or cardio training, your body needs and wants the fuel to maximize your workout and recovery.

Cell-nique is an easy way to energize and give your body the power it needs to get a complete workout. Whether it’s motivation or some invigoration that you’re looking for, Cell-nique assists in detoxifying and alkalizing your body naturally to enhance your spirit and drive.

Just ask Antony Galvan, World-Class Champion Cyclist. Antony drinks two bottles of Cell-nique a day and credits the Super Green Drink for both a performance boost and help recovering from training and races. “I am convinced that Cell-nique has been the key to a “transformation” in my physical fitness. I drink two bottles everyday for recovery and performance. My body continues to improve with Cell-nique”.

Michael Goolkasian, maniac Marathoner (145 marathons to date), adds Cell-nique to his dietary program and has been more than pleased with the results. “Cell-nique has helped me beat the bonk and the mental breakdown of my 22 plus hours of training a week,” he said. “With Cell-nique, I feel more refreshed, stronger and have better concentration. I notice that I digest food better and assimilate food quicker. I am thankful I finally found a drink that works.”

Natural Sugars = Long-Lasting Energy

Energy levels and moods are often a product of the foods we eat. When it comes to energy, not all foods are created equal. After all, there’s a reason why slamming a can of sugary soda leads to a pop of energy – and an inevitable crash.

Sugars and carbohydrates present in fruits and vegetables (like the eight servings packed into every bottle of Cell-nique) give a natural and longer-lasting energy boost that sustains your stamina and focus.

Good Sugar Vs. Bad Sugar

Processed sugars (bad) come under the names of:

– Glucose
– Fructose
– Fruit sugar
– High-fructose corn syrup.

All of the above are highly processed and often jam packed into foods and drinks that contain little nutritional value beyond the sugar.

While all sugars produce an energy boost, naturally occurring sugars offer the boost without the crash. They contain essential nutrients and complex carbohydrates.

The fruit and vegetable servings in Cell-nique have a wealth of nutrients that replenish the body while producing the energy it needs for digestion.

Cell-nique contains 14 grams of carbohydrate that come naturally with its 31 organic super foods. They supply a steady surge of energy while also feeding cells with a wide variety of nutrients they need to stay healthy.