Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss


– Drink water: Hydration is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can curb hunger.

– Drink Cell-nique any time of day. It gently detoxifies, energizes and alkalizes to keep your body feeling vibrant.

– Exercise: Working out burns calories and improves both physical health and mental well-being.

– Set realistic goals: The slower the weight comes off, the more permanent the loss.


– Embark on fad diets: Long term weight management will come through permanent lifestyles changes.

– Skip breakfast: Breakfast raises metabolism in the morning and helps burn calories all day long. Skipping meals leads to a slower metabolism and the body will crave sugar and to compensate for the decrease in energy.

– Eat fast: Eating slowly will help manage hunger. It can take the brain 20 minutes to send the “full” signal to the body.